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At Bay North Realty we ensure that our listings catch the eye of every agent working in our market and provide them with tools to make marketing our listings to their clients as effortless as possible. Real Estate agents use the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to scout for homes for their clients and the national listing sites such as and Zillow pull their data directly from the MLS. As a result, we focus on making sure each listing has its best foot forward when we input it into the MLS.


We feature all our listings on our optimized website. We are a Premier Agent with Zillow which means that we will be the agent featured when your listing is shown to prospects interested in your home- this is a huge benefit! We want to make sure that when an interested party asks for more information, they will get one of the Bay North team members who are intimately familiar with your property rather than an agent who has not been in your home. We also work closely with to ensure that our agent profile is robust.


We are proud of the eye-catching nature of the Bay North Realty brand. Our signs are large, easy to read and always professional looking.

Social Media

Our social media presence is something that we take seriously. We have very active Facebook pages followed by locals and parties interested in northern Michigan real estate. We consistently boost our posts through Facebook advertising to maximize the visibility of our listings. We also post on Instagram and are continuing to build this avenue. Our partner team members also share our posts so that our listings are visible to their audiences.


Located in the heart of Petoskey’s famous Gaslight District, Bay North Realty is perfectly positioned for ultimate visibility for our listings.

We don’t stop here!

Print is an additional focus for our marketing team. We are proud to feature our listings in local publications that have a national reach – Traverse Magazine and HomeLife. We hear from clients and prospects all the time that they see our featured homes in those publications, so we know it is working!

In building our property specific marketing plans we also frequently include direct mail and newspaper.

Some samples of recent marketing materials are below: